Approach & Process

Approach & Process

Executive Resume Writing Approach

My approach to executive resume writing entails capturing the right content, determining a cohesive narrative, and delivering clarity.

Through my personalized, consultative process, we’ll uncover your defining strengths, identify your career achievements, and pinpoint the key business metrics that demonstrate the impact of your efforts to clearly convey your ROI and what hiring leaders can expect when they select you. Ultimately, we’ll curate your leadership experience, ensuring that your new resume resonates in a competitive talent marketplace — and helps you advance your career.

During an in-depth discussion, a full exploration of your background and skill set will be conducted to reveal and capture your unique value. My line of questioning and interview will focus on three key areas: your difference, your scope of responsibilities, and your achievements.

Your difference is an essential aspect of your resume’s content and is your “leadership DNA.” Your key points of distinction may include:

  • The teams you’ve assembled and the leadership you’ve demonstrated
  • The sizes of the businesses you’ve led and growth you’ve delivered
  • The brands or products you’ve developed or launched
  • The complex business problems you’ve solved and change initiatives you’ve steered
  • The infrastructure you’ve built and technology you’ve implemented
  • The markets you’ve penetrated or channels you’ve expanded

Together, we’ll determine and articulate your difference.

Your scope of responsibilities isn’t a job description, but rather a snapshot of your major accountabilities, which helps to put your past roles in perspective for employers so they can easily see how your experience aligns with their hiring needs.

Your achievements are what will resonate with potential employers above all else. We’ll examine why you were hired into each of your roles, what you were charged with specifically, and how and where you delivered results. We’ll discuss the ways in which you’ve influenced the business, operations, organization, culture, process, systems, projects, people, and relationships.

After your critical resume content is determined, I will craft it into a cohesive narrative that clearly articulates your career story and provides hiring leaders with a robust portrait of your distinct executive positioning.

Distilling your professional background into a clearly organized, concise, and elevated document is the final step before delivering you your new resume.

Client Praise

“Thanks so much for all your terrific work, Amy! You presented and organized all of my past experiences and accomplishments in such a powerful way. You asked great questions that made me really think differently about my resume. I would highly recommend you to anyone I know.”
– Field Retail Executive

“Amy, you have truly been instrumental in my new job search. The resume, cover letter, networking letters and LinkedIn profile you created for me were top-notch. I was extremely impressed with your knowledge and insight – you far exceeded my expectations.”
– COO Financial Services

“I have nothing but great things to say about Amy. I was blown away by her depth of knowledge, work ethic, and willingness to share her vast depth of up-to-date information. I would highly recommend her skills as a resume writer, Linked In profiler, and in general, an excellent resource.”
– Apparel Design Executive

Amy’s business partnership with Robin Kelley at Resume Preferred, a subsidiary of Career Certain, ensures that professionals and leaders at all organizational levels have access to Amy’s effective approach and process. Please contact Robin at 415.596.4160 or for more information.


Amy Phillip's Approach and Process

There are two major steps involved in my process:

  1. An in-depth phone interview where I gather critical insights from you
  2. Writing and editing your executive resume

Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  • We schedule a 15-minute introductory call to determine if we are the right fit.
  • If we decide to move forward, two items are sent to you to get started:
    • – A standard client agreement that outlines service, fee, payment, and confidentiality terms
    • – An invoice via PayPal for 50% of the service fee to book the engagement
  • A 90-minute Q&A call is scheduled to talk through all of your details. I ask questions and you share relevant information. There are no worksheets or questionnaires — we talk through everything and I take notes. Through our dialogue, I help you to think differently about your unique value, gain critical insights into your strengths and achievements, and elicit all of the information needed to develop a powerful, customized resume. My clients tell me that my questions and our discussion are invaluable to them and serve as powerful form of interview preparation.
  • I draft your resume and turn it around to you within 10-15 business days from our 90-minute call. Once I deliver the draft, I send you a final invoice for the remaining 50% of my service fee.
  • You review your resume and make any applicable notes and edits for us to discuss.
  • We schedule a follow-up call to review and work through edits together and I send you your final resume.

From start to finish, it will take approximately three weeks for you to have your new resume.

Email your resume to me at and let’s schedule a time to talk.